Arjantin doğumlu ve İsveç’te yaşayan sanatçı Mabel Bustos‘un heykel çalışmaları Halka Sanat/Galeri’de sanatseverlerin ilgisine sunuluyor.

Çevre bilincini sanatı aracılığıyla Arjantin de dahil olmak üzere, dünyanın farklı yerlerinde birçok kişiye aşılayan Bustos’un farklı materyallerle hazırladığı, zerafet ve duygusallık temalarını içeren heykel çalışmalarını 21-25 Temmuz tarihleri arasında izleyebilirsiniz.

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Born in 1952 in Argentina, Mabel Bustos studied sculpture and monumentalism in her homeland. Today she resides in Bahia Blanca in Argentina and in Vollsjö in Sweden. In her emotionally strong sculptures she deal with serious themes with sensuality and elegance. In her art fits often an ambiguous message that is enhanced not least by unexpected materials mixes and an on-going dialogue with nature. Mabel Bustos is represented in public art in Argentina and in the Balkans.

Characteristic of Mabel Bustos sculptural expression is the interaction between man, nature and materials. Active in many different materials, such as plaster, concrete and natural materials, she creates often invisible and moving boundaries, for example in the work Symbiosis, where the woman and the leave seamlessly woven together.

In several of Mabel Bustos works you can read in a critical message. In Genesis for instance, meets organic and inorganic materials. Under the metal discs that hold fish skin soft egg-like shapes are hidden. Perhaps the next generation of fish occupies the space? Genesis was produced together with a series of works that illustrate the human impact on the environment in the seas.

When Mabel Bustos came to Sweden she found a lot of respect for, and knowledge of nature that she meant was lacking in many parts of the world. It inspired her to through art try to promote environmental awareness, including in Argentina.

The sculpture group I see you treat the theme situation of women in Middle Eastern during the present wars. A reading woman having blindfolded refers to the fact that girls in many conflict-affected countries do not attend school. Behind the woman, there are two eyes, one young and one old. They see. But what do they see, meets our eyes? What do we see?

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